Code of Conduct

Community Guidelines

Cheese State University is a safe, welcoming, and positive space for all students. We’ve established a few community guidelines for participation in our program. Nothing too crazy—be a decent human being, treat other folks the way you’d like to be treated, that kind of thing.  

Be civil. 

Conversations welcome, curiosity encouraged, civility required. We know mongers love to argue—er, share their opinions—about the cheeses they love and the ones they might not love quite as much. Spirited discussion is welcome; just be respectful. We don’t tolerate harassment in any form. 

Be respectful of everyone. 

Cheese State University has zero tolerance for any content or language that promotes, fosters, or perpetuates discrimination of any kind. Students who violate this policy will be unenrolled from the program—no exceptions. If you see something, say something by emailing our community manager at That includes direct messages as well as community posts. We'll take it from there.

Share what you know

This space will thrive and grow because of your willingness to share your hard-earned knowledge. Let’s just try to make it clear when something is more opinion than fact. Content that includes inaccurate or false information presented as fact will be removed. Our fact checkers are standing by and ready to chime in.

Share only what’s yours. 

At Cheese State University, we give credit where credit is due. That means citing sources, respecting intellectual property rights, crediting the originators of ideas and content, and avoiding plagiarism of content in any form. Comments must not breach any law, confidentiality, or copyright. When in doubt, check with our moderator at   

Keep your spam in the can. 

You and your fellow students are here to learn, so let’s all make Cheese State a spam-free zone. That applies to self-promotion for you and your business or employer, too.  

We’re here to help. 

This is your space. We hope you’ll help play a role in making it a safe, fun, and engaging place to learn, connect, and share our passion for cheese. Cheese State University reserves the right to remove comments and community members that violate these guidelines at our discretion. Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin shall not be held liable for the comments of others. If you find something inappropriate or questionable you think we’ve missed, please let us know by emailing