Frequently Asked Questions

We designed the Cheese State curriculum exclusively for retail cheesemongers and counter staff who are motivated to deepen their knowledge of the industry and level up their careers in cheese. However, if you work with cheese in another professional capacity, such as a chef or server, you’re welcome to enroll.

Yes! The program includes lots of in-depth info that just about anyone who buys, sells, or handles cheese in their work can use. 

Cheese State University is 100% free. Funding for our programming comes from the hardworking Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin to provide training and education opportunities for cheese professionals and strengthen the cheese industry.  

Cheese State content and our three-part Field Guide course covers everything cheese from pasture to plate and was developed by industry experts like mongers, makers, and scientists. The curriculum includes lessons on cheese history and production from its ancient origin story to the basics of dairy farming to how cheese is produced today. Along the way, you’ll get deep dives into topics like microbiology, milk chemistry, affinage, sensory analysis, and food safety, plus practical lessons on cheese care, sales skills, and building a career in cheese.

Beyond the Field Guide, students will have access to the Cheese State University app, a virtual network of cheese professionals as well as counter coaching tips in The Turo Files video series, The Wisconsin Cheese Atlas, Student Union Blog with articles to inform and inspire, exclusive events, and much more.

The Cheese State Field Guide wasn’t created as a prep course for the CCP exam, though many of the topics covered in the Field Guide and the CCP exam overlap. The Field Guide curriculum provides in-depth training and education for new and mid-career cheese professionals who are ready to level up—whether that means entering the industry with a solid foundation, getting a promotion at work, or pursuing CCP certification in the future.

Absolutely! Established cheese pros can work their way through the Field Guide as a refresher course (and maybe learn a new thing or two). The Turo Files Counter Coaching video series provides valuable insight into topics customers care about, from cheese and pregnancy to rennet. The Cheese State University app offers the opportunity to connect with cheese professionals all over the country, from exciting new talent to industry experts.

Enrollees who complete the Field Guide have the option to test their knowledge with the Field Guide Assessment. If you pass, you’ll receive a snazzy diploma certifying you as a Cheese State Scholar.  

In addition to bragging rights, Cheese State Scholars get access to alumni-only events and are eligible to attend our Cheese State Fellow and Cheese State Laureate courses when they become available. Think of these next-level, more advanced certificate programs like your Master’s and PhD in cheese expertise. 

Test-taking can be stressful, but we want to set Cheese State students up for success. The Field Guide contains all the information you need to pass, including helpful illustrations and animations, videos, a glossary, and guest essays to bring lessons to life.  

Once you’ve completed the Field Guide, you’ll be prompted to complete the 30-question test. You’ll have 30 minutes to finish the test, and a minimum of 24 right answers is a passing score. If you don’t pass the first time, don’t worry. You can try again once per day until you get it right. It’s a good idea to refer back to the Field Guide and review the questions you missed before you retake the test. We’re rooting for you! 

The course is self-guided, so you can take as much time as you need to complete it. We estimate the average user will take five hours to read through the material and take the Cheese State Scholar test. If you’re doing the course at the request of your employer, they may have certain requirements like a passing score or finishing the course in a specific timeframe. 

You’d better! You worked hard to learn all this—now it’s time to make Cheese State work for you. Becoming a Cheese State Scholar shows you’re driven to excel in the industry, and you’re taking the initiative to learn more and develop your skills. Employers love that stuff! 

Yes. Cheese State University and the Field Guide work best on a desktop, but we know most cheese folks are on their feet all day, not sitting behind a desk. We’ve designed everything to work on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. 

Cheese State University is only available in English. 

Sadly, no. Cheese State University was designed specifically for cheese professionals, but we have a ton of fun stuff for the cheese-loving layperson to explore. Connect with Wisconsin cheesemakers and your fellow cheese fanatics in our Cheeselandia community. Dig into cheese trends, history, and more with our blog, The Cheese Life, and find delicious cheese-centric recipes here

Thanks for supporting Wisconsin cheese! Cheese State University is an educational program exclusively for cheese professionals. If that’s not you, head to for information on all the state’s cheesemakers and their amazing cheeses, plus recipes, pairing tips, and more.  

If you aren’t currently working with cheese professionally, as verified by your email address and job title, we’re unable to enroll you in Cheese State University and you will not receive a login.  

If you are a cheese professional (culinary, retail, or distribution) and believe you have received this message by mistake, please give us a heads up at

Drop us a line at and we’ll help you out.